Corporate Stress Relief in Cannock, Staffordshire with Zoe Roberts

Companies lose millions every year paying employees not to work. Even whilst on the premises, stressed and demotivated employees are less productive and can have a negative effect on their colleagues, aggravating an already difficult situation.

Absenteeism is typically caused by anxiety, stress, smoking and alcohol addiction. These conditions, when left unchecked, usually worsen and have knock-on health effect issues.

Stress kills people - and companies!

Many companies are now tuning into their employees' needs and at the same time:

"It's not the load that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it."
Lou Holtz

Corporate Stress Relief Programme

I offer a corporate stress relief programme for employers seeking to overcome these issues, reducing staff stress and sickness levels - potentially decreasing business losses.


I operate my corporate stress relief programme from Cannock and am happy to travel to surrounding areas to assist. If you would like more information or to engage my services, please call on 0780 663 7719or send an email via my contact form.