Spinal Touch in Cannock, Staffordshire with Zoe Roberts

Spinal touch is a gentle, simple touch treatment activating our own inner healing resources enabling our body to release our inner powers and recover.

Our bodies become more distorted when they are fatigued, stressed and strained, the body suffers strain and becomes more effected in different ways pain, digestion, circulation etc…uncorrected distortion or stress can often lead to dis-ease.

The Sacrum is a focal point of stress and affects all of our organs  and depending on the direction and extent of slipping, the sacrum can put extreme tension of the muscles affecting the hips, legs, lower back, abdominal area, shoulders, chest cavity, neck and all of the internal organs and functioning of those organs of the entire body.  When we speak of the organs of the body we are including all functions of the skeletal system, the muscular system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the sensory system, the urinary system and the reproductive system therefore aligning your sacrum benefits the whole body not just the muscles of the back.

Having experienced Spinal touch myself I can’t express enough how this wonderful gentle relaxing treatment is so effective in more ways than one.

"When it hurts - observe. Life is trying to teach you something."
Anita Krizzan

How does Spinal Touch Back Therapy work?

The body's centre of gravity is located around the junction of 5th lumbar vertebra and the 1st sacral segment. If the centre of gravity is displaced, then the balanced, dynamic tension of the muscles is disturbed. This, in turn, can affect the nerves, leading to pain and dysfunction. Also the balance of the body can be affected, so that the body's innate healing abilities are also affected. Spinal touch therapy assesses the positions of the centre of gravity and any postural distortions. Stress and strain often lead to these distortions. This simple technique restores the balance of the centre of gravity and corrects posture. This frees the muscles and, in turn, the vertebrae, nerves and innate healing abilities of the body. As a result pain reduces and functionality increases.

Not only does this treatment reduce any pain sometimes just after one session its works on a much deeper level healing internally which includes all internal organs, circulation, digestive system and so much a wonderful treatment helping the preservation of a healthy body.

Are there any side effects?

If the body has been distorted for some time, several treatments may be required to avoid releasing too many toxins into the body at the same time. Some people can experience a feeling of stiffness or soreness for a day or two but most people find the technique relaxing.


What a typical Session entails

At the first session, I will take a detailed medical history, explaining in detail how the treatment works.

The spinal touch therapy treatment is done with you in your underwear with an optional gown if preferred. You will be assessed standing at a plumb line and some discreet marks may be made on your body. A contact point will be found and tested, which is usually around the gluteal fold (where your bottom meets the back of your upper thigh). You will then be asked to lie on your front whilst the treatment is given. You will find this to be a very gentle massage - many of my clients find it very relaxing. After getting back up, you will be checked at the plumb line again where your new posture will be compared against the marks first taken. 

Over the years Spinal Touch practitioners have found that this holistic therapy may be helpful to people who have been diagnosed with the following conditions:

Booking a Spinal Touch Treatment

If you would like to book a Spinal Touch treatment with me in Cannock, please call on 0780 663 7719 or send an email via my contact form.